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    Album : Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5

    LABEL : Motown

    Sortie le 18 Décembre 1969

    Titres :

    Zip A Dee Doo Dah


    I Want You Back

    Can You Remember

    Standing In The Shadows Of Love

    You've Changed

    My Cherie Amour

    Who's Lovin'You


    (I Know) I'm Losing You


    Born To Love You




    Album : ABC

    LABEL: Motown

    Sortie le 8 Mai 1970

    Titres :

    The Love You Save 

    One More Chance



    (Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need

    Don't Know Why I Love You

    Never Had A Dream Come True

    True Love Can Be Beautiful

    La La (Means I Love You)

    I'll Bet You

    I Found That Girl

    The Young Folks




    Album : Third Album

    LABEL : Motown

    Sortie le 8 Septembre

    Titres :

    I'll Be There

    Ready or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide from Love)

    Oh How Happy

    Bridge Over Troubled Water

    Can I See You in the Morning

    Goin' Back to Indiana

    How Funky Is Your Chicken

    Mama's Pearl

    Reach In

    The Love I Saw in You Was Just a Mirage

    Darling Dear




    Album : The Jackson 5 Christmas Album

    LABEL : Motown 

    Sortie le 15 Octobre 1970

    Titres :

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

    The Christmas Song

    Up on the Housetop

    Frosty the Snowman

    The Little Drummer Boy

    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Christmas Won't Be the Same This Year

    Give Love on Christmas Day

    Someday at Christmas

    Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus




    Album : Maybe Tomorrow

    LABEL : Motown

    Sortie le 12 Avril 1971

    Titres :

    Maybe Tomorrow

    "She's Good"

    Never Can Say Goodbye

    "The Wall"


    Sixteen Candles

    "(We've Got) Blue Skies"

    "My Little Baby"

    "It's Great to Be Here"

    "Honey Chile"

    "I Will Find a Way"




    Album : Goin' Back to Indiana

    LABEL : Motown

    Sortie le 29 Septembre 1971

    Titres :

    I Want You Back

    Maybe Tomorrow 

    "The Day Basketball Was Saved"


    "I Want To Take You Higher"

    "Feelin Alright"

    Medley: "Walk On"

    "Goin' Back to Indiana"




    Album : Lookin' Through the Windows

    LABEL : Motown

    Sortie le 23 Mai 1972

    Titres :

    "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing"

    "Lookin' Through the Windows"

    "Don't Let Your Baby Catch You"

    "To Know"

    "Doctor My Eyes

    "Little Bitty Pretty One"

    "E-Ne-Me-Ne-Mi-Ni-Moe (The Choice Is Yours to Pull)"

    "If I Have to Move a Mountain"

    "Don't Want to See Tomorrow"

    "Children of the Light"

    "I Can Only Give You Love"




    Album : Skywriter

    LABEL : Motown

    Sortie le 29 Mars 1973

    Titres :


    Hallelujah Day

    The Boogie Man


    Corner Of The Sky

    I Can't Quit Your Love


    World Of Sunshine

    Ooh, I'd Love To Be With You

    You Made Me What I am




    Album: In Japan

    LABEL: Motown

    Sortie le 30 Avril 1973

    Titres :

    Introduction/We're Gonna Have A Good Time

    Lookin' Through the Windows

    Got To Be There

    Medley : I Want You Back/ ABC / The Love You Save

    Daddy's Home



    Papa Was a Rolling Stone

    That's How Love Goes

    Never Can Say Goodbye

    Ain't That Peculiar

    I Wanna Be Where You Are




    Album : Get It Together

    LABEL : Motown

    Sortie le 12 Septembre 1973

    Titres :

    "Get It Together"

    "Don't Say Goodbye Again"


    "Hum Along And Dance"

    "Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing (Don't Say No)"

    "It's Too Late to Change the Time"

    "You Need Love Like I Do (Don't You)"

    "Dancing Machine"




    Album : Dancing Machine

    LABEL : Motown

    Sortie le 5 Septembre 1974

    Titres :

    "I Am Love"

    "Whatever You Got, I Want"

    "She's a Rhythm Child"

    "Dancing Machine"

    "The Life of the Party"

    "What You Don't Know"

    "If I Don't Love You This Way"

    "It All Begins and Ends With Love"

    "The Mirrors of My Mind"




    Album: Moving Violation

    LABEL : Motown

    Sortie le 15 Mai 1975

    Titres :

    "Forever Came Today"

    "Moving Violation"

    "(You Were Made) Especially For Me"

    "Honey Love"

    "Body Language (Do the Love Dance)"

    "All I Do Is Think of You"


    "Call of the Wild"

    "Time Explosion"




    Album : Joyful Jukebox Music

    LABEL : Motown

    Sortie le 26 Octobre 1976

    Titres :

    "Joyful Jukebox Music"

    "Window Shopping"

    "You're My Best Friend, My Love"

    "Love Is the Thing You Need"

    "The Eternal Light"

    "Pride and Joy"

    "Through Thick And Thin"

    "We're Here to Entertain You"

    "Make Tonight All Mine"

    "We're Gonna Change Our Style"




    Album : Boogie

    LABEL : Natural Ressources

    Sortie en Janvier 1979

    Titres :

    "Love's Gone Bad"

    "Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore"


    "I Was Made to Love Her"

    "One Day I'll Marry You"

    "Never Can Say Goodbye"

    "Oh, I've Been Blessed"

    "Penny Arcade"

    "Just Because I Love You"

    "Dancing Machine"




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